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Maes Glas

August 20, 2009

As a member of Bangor University, I have access to the climbing wall in the Maes Glas sports centre.  The prices seem reasonable (£3ish) and I have heard good things about the place, so I will pop along tomorrow and sign up.

Feeling a bit achey today after climbing on Tuesday, then heavy box-lifting yesterday.  Plus I went for a run yesterday lunchtime.  I can never decide whether it’s good to exercise while still aching.  I guess an aching muscle is one which is damaged, and is being repaired.  On the other hand it is useful to know which areas need improvement, or which haven’t worked hard enough.  I suppose it’s better just to be careful.


Beacon – 18 Aug

August 19, 2009

Went with Helen and Fudge to the Beacon last night. I was starting basically from scratch, so wasn’t hugely surprised not to be able to do a F5+ up an overhanging corner. Oddly enough I could do a F5c that was just about vertical. I think multiple planes is a problem for me – I need flat faces!

Before climbing the routes we bouldered a bit. This was quite refreshing – the Beacon has a very good bouldering section with good holds and a good range of problems. The problems aren’t graded, but have relative difficulty indicated with different colours. I need a few more trips to get a feel for this though.