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Cromlech, not bouldering

September 7, 2009

On Friday I finished working in the house and had some time to spare so I headed up the Pass again to the Cromlech boulders.  Although the weather in the village was dry, climbing into the Pass must have crossed a dew point and the air was heavy and there was a wind blowing.  There was a thick cloud layer sitting below the surrounding summits and filling the gaps between the crags.

The light though was fantastic.  The sun was setting in the valley and was uplighting the clouds with an orange glow.  The reflected light was picking out the crags and the ghostly mist in the high gaps and was soft against the hard aretes of Dinas Cromlech.  Despite the wind the floor of the Pass was calm and the river quick but not rushing.  Silver rivulets from the gullies were bright against the dark slopes.  It felt very still.

I stayed in the Pass until it was too cold and the sun moved round and hid the light.  In the car the golden cloud faded to blue then to grey in the mirrors.  Leaving the Pass the sunset opened out across Anglesey and it too faded to a bright glow over Holyhead and Cemaes Bay.