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August in (miserable) figures

September 4, 2009

Well, that was fun.

After a good start (haha), the end of August turned into a complete washout, with continuous rain for a fortnight. Most evenings were spent watching the rain thudding on the windows, eating chips.

In the month of August (since the start of my challenge) I managed ONE route indoors…

And SIX boulder problems outdoors…

Impressive, no?

Goals for September will be

  • Do some actual routes
  • Go to the wall more. Or rather, some.

Also, boulder a bit more outdoors – I’m not sure quite what my limit is as I never push it (and don’t have a mat).


Oh look I made a chart

August 19, 2009

Oh gosh I hope this works. This should be a chart made using Google Charts’ API. It should show a bar graph with the number of routes climbed at a number of grades…

Test image

Test image

At the moment it doesn’t show plus-marks for grades (but does show minuses), and it needs labels and things added to it. I should do one of these for indoor, sport and trad climbing and for bouldering.


This is much better. The Google API is a bit of a pain to use though. No plus-marks, so stars it is.